Top 10 countries with most BTS fans

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top 10 countries with most bts fans

Since the Dynamite vocalists started making history and influencing global pop culture shifts, the number of BTS admirers has increased. Their 2013 debut marked the beginning of the group’s enormous fandom.

The Philippines has the most BTS fans, according to the bulk of sources, despite the fact that the Army hasn’t conducted any official surveys abroad. Unexpectedly, the boy band’s native South Korea comes in second.

According to some sources using the group’s social media accounts, there are over 90 million fans of the group globally. The K-pop stars became the most followed musical ensemble on Instagram last month after surpassing 60.2 million followers, according to Guinness. In April 2021, Guinness also recognised the group, which had a record 40.2 million Instagram followers.

The K-pop phenomenon has an estimated 60.6 million Instagram followers as of right now, which helps to show how popular they are all over the world.

Following are the top 10 countries with most BTS fans.

1) Philippines

2) South Korea

3) Indonesia

4) Vietnam

5) Thailand

6) Malaysia

7) Brazil

8) U.S.A.

9) Taiwan

10) Mexico

A sociological survey of more than 400,000 BTS followers reportedly took place between July and September 2020, according to a Korean media outlet. The findings, which also detailed the number of BTS supporters globally in various nations, were made public in March 2021.

For maximum awareness, the survey contained responses from over 100 nations and territories and was translated into 46 different languages.

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The poll indicates that 8.4% of the BTS Army is located in the United States. 20% of the over 400,000 respondents polled, or over 80,000 people, were from Indonesia. Those who follow the industry are aware of the fact that Indonesia has a sizable fan following.

You might prefer Jakarta to New Jersey if you see K-pop hashtags trending on Twitter or learn that Stray Kids and NCT 127 have another 10 million YouTube views.

The survey admits challenges with access to and absorption of Korean platforms, but it seems to imply that the country’s most well-known cultural output in recent years is more popular among non-Koreans than among Koreans.

A Korean news agency said that, outside South Korea, there were 1,843 Hallyu fan clubs in 113 nations as of 2018.

Estimates for fans by region were provided in the report as well. In North and South America, there were 712 fan groups with 11.8 million members total. A total of 457 fan groups in Asia and Oceania had 70.59 million members, making them the largest region. Africa and the Middle East had 230,000 fans in 140 clubs, compared to 6.57 million fans in 534 clubs in Europe.

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