Top 10 Richest man in Indonesia 2023

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top 10 richest man in indonesia 2022

After contracting by 2% in the year 2020, it is anticipated that Indonesia’s GDP will expand by approximately 4% in 2021, with increased commodities exports, thanks to Indonesia richest, playing a factor in this growth. As a result of the appearance of the Omicron variant, the country, which was devastated by the Covid-19 strain earlier this year, is making every effort to forestall the arrival of a third wave by imposing restrictions on international arrivals and limiting travel during the Christmas and new year holidays. 

The aggregate wealth of the individuals included on this list, as measured by assets held by public and private enterprises, real estate, automobile collections, jewels, and airplanes, among other things. Everyone is dying for the elusive list to drop and reveal the richest people in Indonesia. Forbes, on the other hand, multiplies the predicted income by two in order to get an accurate picture of a person’s personal business.

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Since the last time we evaluated fortunes, the benchmark stock market index has increased by more than 19%. This has helped to elevate the overall net worth of the 50 richest people by more than 21% to $162 billion, up from $133 billion the previous year.

RankNameNet Worth
1R. Budi & Michael Hartono$42.6 B
2Widjaja Family$9.7 B
3Anthoni Salim & family$8.5 B
4Sri Prakash Lohia$6.2 B
5Prajogo Pangetsu$6.1 B
6Chairul Tanjung$5.5 B
7Susilo Wonowidjojo & family$4.8 B
8Boenjamin Setiawan & family$4.2 B
9Jogi Hendra Atmadja & family$4.1 B
10Bachtiar Karim & family$3.5 B

Then, which Indonesian conglomerates are among the 10 richest people in Indonesia according to Forbes’ list for 2022?

1) R. Budi & Michael Hartono

Robert Budi Hartono, the richest man in Indonesia and stands at number one, is a Chinese Indonesian tobacco billionaire. He is the only owner of the privately held company Djarum, which is the third largest manufacturer of clove cigarettes in the world. Together with his brother Michael Bambang Hartono, Budi Hartono owns a portion of Bank Central Asia, which is among the most important financial institutions in Indonesia. He is currently the richest man in Indonesia.

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2) Widjaja Family

The Widjaja family is the second richest family in Indonesia. The family of Eka Tjipta Widjaja, who passed away in January 2019 at the age of 98, inherited the vast corporate empire that he created. This is Teguh, Eka’s oldest son who can be seen in the picture. Today, their Sinar Mas has holdings in a variety of industries, including paper, real estate, financial services, healthcare, agribusiness, and telecommunications. 

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3) Anthoni Salim & family

The Salim family is the third richest family in Indonesia. Anthoni Salim is the CEO of the Salim Group, which has assets in the food and retail, banking, and telecommunications industries, as well as the energy sector. The Salim family owns a portion of the investment company First Pacific, which is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange and manages assets totaling $27 billion across six countries. One of the most significant producers of instant noodles in the world, Indofood has annual revenues of $5.8 billion, and Salim is the CEO of the company.

4) Sri Prakash Lohia

Sri Prakash Lohia is a millionaire businessman who was born in India and currently resides in Indonesia. He is the founder and chairman of Indorama Corporation, which is a diversified petrochemical and textile corporation. Although Lohia was born in India, he has been based in Indonesia since 1974 and has spent the majority of his professional life there. In the 1970s, he and his father made the trip from India to Indonesia, where they set up shop as a manufacturer of spun yarn and co-founded the Indorama Corporation. It is now a powerhouse in the petrochemicals industry, producing a wide variety of industrial goods such as fertilizers, polyolefins, textile raw materials, and medical gloves.

5) Prajogo Pangetsu

Fifth on the list of the Indonesia richest is Prajogo Pangetsu. Pangestu, one of the richest men in Indonesia, is the company’s founder and currently serves as its chairman. PT Barito Pacific is the most successful petrochemical business in Indonesia. The Jakarta-based company reportedly brought in $2.3 billion in sales in 2020, and its assets include electricity generation and plastics production facilities. One of the divisions of the firm is called Chandra Asri Petrochemical, and it is also a publicly traded company.

6) Chairul Tanjung

Amongst the Indonesian billionaires is Chairul Tanjung. The most well-known activities that Chairul Tanjung’s CT Corp. engages in include the operations of credit card companies, hypermarkets, and television stations. Carrefour and Transmart are both names of supermarket stores that are owned by his Trans Retail company. In addition, his organization is the owner of the Jimmy Choo, Versace, and Mango franchises, and they operate the Wendy’s restaurant chain in Indonesia.

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7) Susilo Wonowidjojo & family

Gudang Garam, a manufacturer of kretek that is publicly traded, provided Susilo Wonowidjojo and his family with their money. Gudang Garam manufactured 90 billion cigarettes in 2019. Gudang Garam was established in 1958 by his father, Surya, who is believed to have gotten his start in the industry by working for his uncle’s tobacco business. In 2019, Gudang Garam moved into infrastructure, including construction and the development of toll roads. Additionally, the company is in the process of constructing the Dhoho Airport in Kediri, which is located in East Java.

8) Boenjamin Setiawan & family

Benjamin Setiawan, who holds a degree in pharmacology, and his five siblings started Kalbe Farma in a garage in 1966. Boenimin Setiawan was one of the founders of the company. Today, Kalbe Farma is the pharmaceutical business with the most market share in Indonesia. Setiawan and his siblings collectively control a considerable stake in the company, which initially went public on the Indonesian Stock Exchange in the year 1991.

9) Jogi Hendra Atmadja & family

One of the Indonesian richest is Indonesian billionaire Jogi Hendra Atmadja. He is the leader of the Mayora company, which is one of the most successful food companies in Indonesia. Mayora distributes a variety of foods, including coffee, cereal, candies, biscuits, and more. Over one hundred different nations stock products bearing the Mayora group’s names, such as Kopiko, Danisa, and Roma.

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10) Bachtiar Karim & family

Tenth on the list of the richest people in Indonesia is the Karim family. Bachtiar Karim co-manages Musim Mas, an integrated palm oil company with projected sales of $6.9 billion in 2020, along with his brothers Burhan and Bahari. Nam Cheong Soap Factory was established in 1932 by his late father Anwar; the business is currently operated by the family and continues to produce soaps and margarine. In 1970, the family started the country of Indonesia’s very first palm oil refinery. After those two years, Musim Mas was formally established.

The challenges of modern day business is no easy feat, but these men stood strong amidst all the unraveling events that shape the world. Comment down below who you’re inspired most by! 

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