Who is Astro Rocky’s girlfriend? Know more about the famous performer

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who is astro rockys girlfriend know more about the famous performer

On October 31, 2022, online speculations of a relationship between actor Park Boyun and ASTRO idol Rocky started to circulate. The agencies for both musicians have issued conflicting denials of the rumor on the same Monday.

According to speculations, the actress has attended Rocky’s concerts on multiple occasions and contributed to the lyrics of her solo single “S # 1.” and also in addition, and also in addition, and also in addition, and also in addition, and also in addition, and also in addition, and also in addition, and also in addition, and also in addition, and also in addition, and also

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The agency reacted when there were allegations of a romance between them, although their statements conflicted.

Park Boyun’s production company, Management Koo, said, “Rocky and Park Bo Yeon are currently at the stage of slowly getting to know each other with good feelings.

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The two first met through Find Me If You Can, and since then, Park Bo Yeon and Rocky naturally became close and she participated in Rocky’s musical works.

They recently confirmed their feelings after working together as colleagues.

We are sorry to say this during the period of national mourning when we all share this sadness together.

As a result, we ask for your understanding that our announcement was delayed.”

South Korean dancer, rapper, singer, actor, and composer Park Min-hyuk, formerly known as Rocky, also performs as a composer. In 2016, Rocky made his debut with the South Korean boy band Astro.

Rocky has appeared in a number of drama series in addition to his group’s activities, including Soul Plate (2019), Find Me If You Can (2021), Hyangjeon of Youth (2021), and Broke Rookie Star (2022). He also appeared in the musical drama The Three Musketeers (2022).

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Following the contract discussion since late December 2022, it was revealed on February 28, 2023, that Rocky had decided not to extend his contract with Fantagio and had left Astro.

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