World Champion Kyra Poh on skydiving with sister Vera

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World Champion Kyra Poh on skydiving with sister Vera

 BeijingUS: When we first met Kyra and Vera Poh, the sister-and-sister record-breaking duo, we thought of the words “fun,” “easy,” and “carefree,” among others.

In June, CNA Women interviewed the sisters at Sentosa’s iFly Singapore, where they had just returned from the 4th FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving 2022, which had taken place in Belgium just a few months before.

Kyra, a 19-year-old freestyle soloist, won the gold medal in the open category. Vera, 12, was competing in the two-way and four-way dynamic categories for the first time at the World Cup. She won two gold medals. (Dynamic flying is the practice of performing choreographed routines in the shortest amount of time feasible by a group or a single flyer.)

Earlier in December, the brothers and sisters had competed in the Belgian Open Indoor Skydiving Championships for the first time in the two-way dynamic category and achieved first place.

Kyra reminisced about how she came across such a niche sport “by chance.” Even though Singapore’s only indoor skydiving facility had yet to open when she was a young girl, her advertising-industry mother knew just the right folks to cast for an iFly Singapore commercial in 2010.

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“What person wouldn’t want to give it a shot? Every eight-year-old will want to fly when they get the opportunity to,” she shared. “When I was younger, I aspired to be an astronaut.”

“When I initially attempted this, I realized that what I really wanted was to be able to fly, not an astronaut.”

Furthermore, she did so in a classy and fashionable manner. At the age of 14, Kyra competed in her first competition and won two gold and one silver medal at the Wind Games 2017 in Spain. When she won her first solo speed race there, the press named her “the world’s fastest flyer.” There are four Guinness World Records for her, including the most backflips in a minute. She has 45 medals to her name and four Guinness World Records.

Vera’s enthusiasm for the sport was unquestionably passed on to her, as she would first accompany her to training sessions. He eventually gave indoor skydiving a shot and has competed in seven contests with five medals to his credit. Poh junior.

But for the younger sibling, there were uncertainties. The idea of indoor skydiving at first gave Vera “mixed feelings,” and she contemplated doing something else like netball instead.

Everything about Kyra and Vera’s relationship radiated affection, from the way she passed over her AirPods to Vera to the way they assisted each other get into their skydiving gear. Not to mention the fact that they couldn’t stop themselves from finishing one other’s words.

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