A Call For Marine Protection

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 Indonesia Indonesia – The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry has assigned two marine protection regions in the areas of West Java and West Sumatra, covering around 45 thousand hectares of marine region.

In view of this, One instrument of normal asset the board by the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry is the assignment of an area as marine preservation region. This is what acting Director General of Marine Spatial Management of the service Pamuji Lestari said in an assertion.

The two preservation regions are Pangandaran waters in West Java and West Pariaman waters in West Sumatra. Marine protection region has turned into an essential instrument in the administration of marine and fisheries assets as it will save the living space and give the advantage to the biological system just as individuals living in the waterfront region.

Lestari said, starting at 2021, the service has set 81 preservation regions covering a complete 13.93 million hectares of marine region. The service has focused on to expand the marine preservation region by 2,000,000 hectares in 2022.

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The preservation region would be situated in 19 territories in particular West Java, West Sumatra, Maluku, North Kalimantan, Riau Islands, Yogyakarta, West Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, East Kalimantan, West Nusa Tenggara, Riau, Bengkulu, Lampung, Bangka Belitung Islands, East Nusa Tenggara, Central Kalimantan, Southeast Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, and West Papua.

Along with this, The assignment of marine preservation region is as per the worldwide responsibility in the Convention on Biological Diversity (Aichi Target 11) and Sustainable Development Goals 14.

In the interim, Director of Marine Conservation and Biodiversity Andi Rusandi said the assignment of the 38,810 hectares of Pangandaran waters as a marine preservation region is pointed toward securing ocean turtle and lobster living space.

Rusandi refered to a review showing that four out of six ocean turtle species in Indonesia can be found in Pangandaran. They are green turtle, olive ridley ocean turtle, blockhead ocean turtle and flatback turtle.

The assignment of a preservation region in Pangandaran waters under the classification of marine park will safeguard and work on the nature of biodiversity nearby, particularly the ensured ocean turtle.

In addition, the marine preservation area of West Pasaman covering 6,122 hectares of marine region is set to ensure coral reef and ocean turtle natural surroundings. Coral reef environment in West Pasaman takes care of an area of 79.74 hectares henceforth it ought to be ensured to help the nearby fisheries and the travel industry. Morever, West Java has effectively had two marine preservation regions like Penyu Pangumbahan Beach in Sukabumi District and Biawak Island in Indramayu District while West Sumatra has five marine protection regions. They are Bunga Laut Strait in Mentawai Islands District, Pesisir Selatan District, Padang City, Pariaman City and Batang Gasan in Padang Pariaman District.

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