Via Gonzales’ cause of death is fake

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Via Gonzales' cause of death is fake

Last updated on October 6th, 2022 at 08:00 pm

Rumors have been roaming the halls of the internet that Filipina Facebook personality Via Gonzales is dead. Although the sources for where the rumor started is completely untraceable and hazy, it is not true. 

However, what is the buzz about? 

A student named Via Gonzales, who has a video with contentious claims, has published it to various social networking sites. She is accused of engaging in sexual questionable behavior with her partner, which resulted in a video that went viral on Facebook. At this very moment, the video has received more than a thousand views, along with shares and comments.

The video was viewed by millions of people, which led Via to feel depressed and say, “I did something bad, but I’m not a bad person.” 

She swiftly responded to this matter by stating that she is still alive after she made the announcement. Additionally, Via would like to report the post, and she noted, “help me report this please, even my parents are getting affected over this issue!” 

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Who is Via Gonzales?

Via Gonzales is a Filipino social media influence, model, dancer, and content developer. The famous person was born in 1995 and presently resides in Manila, which is located in the Philippines. She received her degree from Seoul National University and also went to school at the Ateneo de Davao University.

This rising personality is currently 24 years old already.

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Following their breakup in March 2020, a private video that Via had filmed with her ex-boyfriend, who was named only as Lance Centeno, was uploaded to the internet and quickly became viral across social media platforms. The videos are still being shared all over the internet. In addition to this, she quickly becomes one of Twitter’s most popular trending topics.

All in all, there’s no grave incident. Via Gonzales’ cause of death is fake! 

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