OnlyFans Creator Molly Moon Horror Game becomes popular

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onlyfans creator has devs begging her to make a horror game

Last updated on March 13th, 2023 at 02:00 pm

Picture this: you open TikTok to observe a woman in her kitchen racing toward you. “My parents are coming over,” she says, opening and closing her mouth like a stork gulping a fish. “Can you help me clean?”

Two dialogue options are presented. Before selecting “Of course, sweetie,” the mouse cursor hovers over “No thanks.” The remainder of the 30-second film, which has received 16 million views since its December upload, is unsettling. While the mouse quickly clicks away rubbish mounds, it also opens the oven to reveal a charred, soot-covered chicken. The mother exclaims, “Oh no, now I’ll have to serve them something else.” The display goes red. You are currently trapped in OnlyFans and TikTok creator Molly Moon’s haunting universe.

Moon, who did not respond to Kotaku’s request for comment in time for publication, has been posting on OnlyFans and Instagram since 2021 and has, for the most part, kept to what you would expect: milkmaid blouses and mall changing room thirst traps. In 2022, however, she began publishing her horror game-inspired “creations,” as she calls them, on a second Instagram account on TikTok on a regular basis, revealing the attractive cannibal within.

Many of Moon’s earliest attempts at unsettling first-person recordings began with “Excuse me, sir.” Molly would threaten to lock you in her brick-walled basement, apartment, or banana bread.

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Moon’s tennis skirts and fluttering artificial lashes are tense against the deserted playgrounds and forest patches in which she films, according to a popular comment about these movies. In addition to enticing victims and viewers in, Moon’s clothing reveals her horror influences; in certain films, Moon wears a sweater identical to the one Megan Fox wore in the 2009 film Jennifer’s Body, in which she consumes guys. In other instances, she resembles the lanky Corpse Bride, preparing her unhappy partner for an eternal and unholy marriage.

Placing Moon inside this broader horror canon helps her transition to pixel-based, point-and-click horror — all evocative of indie firm Puppet Combo’s low-poly horror games, as many of Moon’s comments will inform you — feel natural.

These more recent videos have a higher production value and stray from Moon’s initial “pardon me, sir” style, but they maintain the risky first-person perspective. As she punishes you for clicking “right” instead of “left,” or as her health bar fills when you choose a rose from your inventory to hand over, they force you to interact with a more lo-fi Moon—her voice more metallic, as if it’s coming from beyond the closed basement door, her body looking ragged and square around the edges, as if it were copied and pasted from a Windows 98 desktop—as she punishes you for clicking “right” instead of “Next,” then she feeds the blossom to her handbag’s teeth.

These videos that resemble games are by far her most popular, with 13 million, 15 million, or 22 million views when they are not labeled for “disturbing” content. Since she began sharing them in November, they have also inspired fan art picturing what a real Molly Moon game would be like and prompted game developers to request permission to make it.

It appears to be Moon’s next natural step. Earlier this week, independent horror developer Airdorf, who did not respond to Kotaku’s request for comment in time for publication, teased a GIF of what appears to be a complete game. In the GIF, Moon with a ponytail stares at three tarot cards while another three face the player; Airdorf, Moon, and Monster Prom producer Jesse Cox are all involved, as the backs of the cards indicate.

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