PAS election director opposes BN’s “big tent” plan in GE15

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MalaysiaMalaysia – PAS will not take part in political cooperation or adopt the ‘big tent’ strategy that has been proposed by some opposition leaders in order to compete against Barisan Nasional (BN) in the 15th General Election (GE15), according to Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, the party’s election director for the GE15.

He said that the party will not follow the same approach as it did when it was a member of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition and that it would not collaborate with parties that had previously been members of the alliance.

“The Perikatan Nasional (PN) is currently debating this issue, but PAS has chosen not to partake, and PAS opposes the idea,” said the party. If PAS does not participate, PN will be unable to have enough seats.

In a press conference held recently, Pak Sarwar said, “PAS opposes the proposal (if such a plan exists) to join a new alliance with PKR, some have said it would be without DAP, (but) without DAP or with DAP, (it is) not possible (for PAS to join).”

Muhammad Sanusi, who is also the mentri besar of Kedah, said that PAS had been a member of the same Pakatan Rakyat alliance with the PKR for 20 years, and that the party will no longer use the same methods in the future.

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Muhammad Sanusi said that the “PASLeaks” paper was created by a cyber-team from certain places who were looking to get publicity for themselves.

According to him, “I’ve been in this party for a long time, and our meeting minutes are not written in that manner; we have our own style for meeting minutes, which is different from the one used in the leaked document; as for who wrote it, I have no idea,” he stated.

The leaked document, which recently went viral on social media, was said to reveal a scheme to depose the leaders of the Umno party.

According to reports, the police have also initiated an investigation paper into the document, which outlined claims of a political scheme involving two PAS leaders and was leaked online.

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