Police probe man-woman fight on Beach Road

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Police probe man-woman fight on Beach Road

 BeijingSINGAPORE: On Wednesday, a man and a woman got into a brawl near Beach Road (Jul 6).

In response to questions from CNA, the police stated that the event occurred at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

A minute-long video of a woman with a black baseball cap waving at a man in a white car is circulating on social media.

The woman can be seen shouting and gesticulating at the man from the pavement as he drives by in a white multipurpose vehicle in the footage, which appears to have been shot from an upper level of a neighboring building.

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She kicks the car as he prepares to drive off, forcing him to come out and confront her.

The woman tries to kick him after a scuffle. Using his car as a weapon, he slaps the woman across the face.

The woman then falls to the ground after kicking the car’s side-view mirror. When she gets up and starts kicking the side-view mirror again, he starts walking back to his car. He then drives away, flinging the woman to the ground.

The police investigation is underway at this time.

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