Selena Gomez discusses Bipolar Disorder and Childlessness

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Selena Gomez discusses Bipolar Disorder and Childlessness

Selena Gomez has always been open about her mental health challenges, revealing with her fans how she came to terms with her bipolar disorder. She disclosed in an interview that while she intends to start a family, her drugs may reduce her chances.

She told Rolling Stone, “That’s a very, very huge deal in my life right now. I believe my bipolar disease keeps me modest in a sinister way,” the author writes.

It took me a great deal of effort to (a) acknowledge that I was bipolar and (b) learn how to cope with it, as it was not going away. Selena attempted numerous treatments for her problem, including dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and visits to gurus and therapists. She also founded Wondermind, a website devoted to mental fitness, to raise greater awareness and urge others to follow her example.

She was open when she stated that despite the obstacles, she is looking forward to beginning a family and having children.

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She continued, “Eventually, I’ll get weary of all this, so I’ll probably devote the most of my life to philanthropy before I retire.”

Selena reveals that collaborating with Steve Martin and Martin Short altered her dating standards. “I’ve learnt so much from being around two grownup males, because that’s what they are; they’re incredibly lovely and kind, sometimes humorous and outrageous, and it’s the best.”

“And my expectation of a man, or any human being, is to be as decent as these two individuals. They’ve been doing this longer than I’ve been alive, and they’re the kindest individuals.”

The Lose You to Love Me singer has resolved to never longer tolerate “discomfort” in her life, both personally and physically. “[My past] has allowed me to build a no-nonsense, no-respect personality. I notice that my tolerance for any type of discomfort, generally rudeness, or anything, even trivial things, no longer controls me.”

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