The Sports Commissioner is looking resolve for the Selangor Athletics Association ‘s internal conflict

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MalaysiaMalaysia – In an effort to settle the conflict between the two camps in the Selangor Athletics Association (POS), Sports Commissioner Ibrahim Mohd Yusof is pondering an ideal solution.

Ibrahim said that the problem surrounding the state’s sports governing organization was difficult, but that his department was still looking into some of the best ‘options out,’ and that once the crisis report was ready, he would propose appropriate action to the POS.

One of the alternatives, he says, is to urge the POS to organize re-elections for committee positions in order to avoid the problem hanging on and affecting the growth of athletics in Selangor.

“I’m working on a report on this, and we’ll figure out (the best solution) later.” In terms of the present scenario, both factions claim to be the official committee, but when we looked into it, both parties appeared to have their own problems.

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“So we’re deciding whether to do a re-election or to change the entire system in POS.” He told Bernama today, “We will present a solution for POS so that they may correct the committee structure and constitution.”

Several POS members of the committee called an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) in October last year to remove Datuk S.M. Muthu from the president and revoke his lifetime membership over charges of theft of over RM100,000 from POS’ fixed deposit account.

On December 12, POS held its annual general meeting (AGM), at which former Federal Territory athlete Norhayati Karim was elected president without opposition; however, Muthu’s camp did not attend.

A day later, Muthu claimed that he was still the official president of POS, claiming that the AGM was unlawful since it breached an agreement signed with the Sports Commissioner during a previous meeting.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim discovered that both sides contained flaws that might cause any judgment made previously to be called into question.

“In terms of the new committee chosen at the AGM the other day, if the AGM was not properly organized, all of the decisions might be deemed invalid, implying that the election cannot be validated, despite the fact that there are individuals on the committee who are not affiliated.”

“On the other hand (Muthu’s camp), when we reviewed past judgments taken by the parent committee, we discovered that it also included people who are not affiliate members,” Ibrahim added.

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