Khairy: The Omicron wave in Malaysia is expected to peak in March

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MalaysiaMalaysia – According to the Ministry of Health (MoH), the Omicron wave that has officially entered Malaysia is predicted to peak by the end of March.

The Ministry of Health’s best estimate to date, as stated by Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, and not a finality, as it continues to monitor the growth of Covid-19 cases.

Malaysia broke the 10,000 daily case threshold for the first time since October 2, 2021, according to his remarks.

“Right now, our specialists are running mathematical models.” At this time, it appears that the peak will occur around the end of March. This corresponds to other nations, where peaking takes about two months.

“This suggests that most people have been protected by the booster dosage immunity, or those who haven’t been protected have received Omicron but have natural immunity.”

“What we’d want to do is persuade companies to enable people to work from home, take booster doses, and encourage self-testing before meeting friends,” Khairy remarked during a “live” transmission from Putrajaya.

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Due to the extremely contagious Omicron variant, Malaysia is presently witnessing its fourth wave of illnesses. More than 11,000 cases have been filed as of yesterday, with the number set to climb in the following weeks.

Khairy advised companies to start allowing their employees to work from home or rotate shifts, and restaurant owners to be more severe about monitoring diners’ MySejahtera status and encouraging self-test kits before visiting other families.

Malaysia is prepared for the Omicron wave, according to Khairy, since the healthcare system is equipped.

He added hospitals are preparing to go into hybrid mode, and there are 370 Covid evaluation centers around the country ready to screen positive individuals.

“In a month or two, we hope to be able to stop or stabilize this Omicron wave.” It took the same length of time for other nations to witness a decrease in Omicron infections.

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