The Weight of Reckless Act: Beware of Posting Malicious Comments

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 Thailand Thailand – A man who posted a compromising message on Twitter focused on the twin little girls of Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has been condemned to 5 years detainment with no parole.

Recently, Southern Bangkok Criminal Court viewed the man to be unquestionablyblameworthy of “publicizing a wrongdoing” and for breaking the Computer Crimes Act as a result of a Tweet he posted in March a year ago.

In March 2021, the man named Wuttichai tweeted: “On the off chance that anybody finds Prayut’s daughters in anyplace, remember to rape them.

For this reason, PM Prayut recorded a body of evidence against the creator of the tweet at Nang Loeng Police Station in Bangkok on March 23 last year, under the reason that the Tweet broke both the “PC Crimes Act” and Section 85 of Thailand’s Penal Code on “Publicizing a Crime.”

Whoever proliferates or distributes to the overall population to commit an offense and such offense is culpable with detainment of something like a half year.”

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From the get go, Wuttichai told police he was hacked and it wasn’t him who composed the Tweet focused on twin sisters. In any case, when police looked through his convenience and glanced through his Notebook gadget they found no proof that he was hacked. Morever, Wuttichai at last admitted to the wrongdoing, and the court at last condemned him to 5 years detainment with no parole yesterday, over a year after the Tweet was posted. The court condemned him to 7.5 years from the start, however taking into account he had never carried out a wrongdoing, they diminished his sentence by 2.5 years.

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