Ways to become a responsible and good Filipino

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ways to become a responsible and good filipino

The first leaders of this democratic republic are us, the people. Our leaders’ foundation comes from us. In other words, we elect the officials who will run our nation. Our votes elect our leaders and representatives to office. So, if we want to see a change in our country, it has to start with us. To advance both personally and nationally, we must be responsible citizens. Here are ways we can take to develop into responsible Filipino citizens without further ado.

Be a responsible commuter, pedestrian, and driver. Simple traffic regulations that we adhere to will make our roads better, safer, and more effective. The phrase “Filipino time” should be changed to “Filipino on time.” Let’s avoid putting things off. Being on time is pleasant. To reduce the throng during rush hours, avoid filing, paying, and queuing during deadline.

Every legal sales invoice or receipt you have from a vendor will serve as compelling evidence of your purchase, obliging the vendor to report the transaction as a sale and pay the associated sales and income taxes. You are assisting our nation in raising more tax income if you consistently request an official receipt.

It is our obligation to pay the government the taxes it is owed. Employers automatically deduct income tax from employees’ pay. Therefore, if self-employed taxpayers and business owners were to withhold their taxes from the BIR, it would be unjust to them.

The future of our country lies with the young. To ensure that their children grow up to be wonderful citizens of our nation, parents should nurture their kids well and instil in them positive habits, attitudes, and values.

Respect your union and the vows you made to your partner. How can a husband and wife create a wonderful family if they are unable to love and be united?

Avoid paying rising water and electricity costs. Protect our planet from climate change. Continue to protect our earth. Get rid of your trash correctly. Fix your vehicle to reduce air pollution emissions. Sow a tree. Last but not least, try to minimise noise pollution in your community, especially at night.

Support the investigation and reduction of crime by our law enforcement. Don’t forget to bring attention to the largest crime of all: governmental corruption. The amount of money stolen from the government can reach billions of pesos. Millions of Filipinos may go hungry as a result of this crime. Furthermore, poor public infrastructure that was constructed by dishonest politicians has the potential to claim many lives in times of disaster. So, show courage and aid in the fight against corruption in our nation.

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