What happened to Woon-Ho in 20th Century Girl?

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What happened to Woon-Ho in 20th Century Girl

Newly launched on Netflix, 20th Century Girl is a Korean romance popping with gigantic desktops, Casio-esque timepieces, a constant pager/payphone connection, and heaps of huge clothing. It transports us back to a time when the prophecies of Nostradamus and a general sense of unease plagued everyone.

And despite the fact that Y2K was a concern for corporations throughout the world, for some it was a time to share secrets with your forever home skillet and hope for romance if they made it to the New Year. For boy-crazy Yeon-du, all she can think about is her new love-at-first-sight, even as she jets from Korea to the United States for a scheduled heart operation instead of attending high school with her peers.

Armed with merely a name, lifelong companion Bo-ra, who does not fully get the concept of a crush, vows to monitor Hyun-jin and report every detail through email to Yeon-du, who is recovering in the hospital. Bo-ra is devoted to providing Yeon-du with an experience as if nothing had been missing.

What happens when Bo-ra tracks Hyun-jin?

When Bo-ra begins following Hyun-jin, everyone begins to suspect that she has feelings for him, even Hyun-jin himself. She may be shocked and flattered, but this man belongs to her closest friend. She would never betray her in such a manner.

Therefore, she attempts to dissuade him by detailing all of her terrible behaviors. Using her broadcast clubmate and Hyun-closest jin’s friend Woon-ho to obtain information, they begin to develop affections for one another.

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What happens when Yeon-du returns?

When Yeon-du returns from surgery, the girls are reunited with great joy. However, Bo-ra hesitated to reveal her emotions for Woon-ho. And it’s a good thing she didn’t, since it turns out Yeon-du had the men confused, and her crush is actually Woon-ho.

Why does Woon-ho leave?

Before the girls can resolve their differences, Woon-ho informs Bo-ra that he is returning to New Zealand. He confesses, but she holds back, denying her attraction to him out of consideration for their friendship.

Woon-ho had promised Bo-ra in a letter that he would return for her, but instead he abandons it in the wet streets.

What happens to Woon-ho?

Following an emotional confession in which Woon-ho swears to return, the pair maintains email communication. However, he ultimately ceases to reply to texts, and their connection dissolves.

After several years of longing, Bo-ra decides it is time to let go. However, one day he receives a parcel containing Woon-film ho’s and an invitation to an exhibition.

There, she encounters the adult version of Woon-younger ho’s brother. He informs her that Woon-ho has had her in his heart since the beginning. And Woon-ho perished terribly all those years ago.

She continues with her life without a significant other. From a romantic standpoint, she is therefore a bit trapped in the 20th century despite her seeming advancement. After learning about Woon-misfortune, ho’s she is able to let go of her resentment and cherish the wonderful time they spent together.

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