Dubai holds an international conference on fighting global diseases

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Dubai holds an international conference on fighting global diseases

Dubai will hold an international conference on Thursday to debate the future of battling epidemics, how to prepare for them, and how to mitigate their impacts.
Scientists specializing in epidemiology, experts in sterilization and virus prevention, and physicians treating viral and infectious disorders will attend the meeting.

The conference will showcase the experience of the American sterilization technology “MicroSave,” which has received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the European Union, and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. The conference focuses on the significance of oxidized water in sterilization and reaction to viruses and epidemics, as a technique that has shown highly efficient in eradicating viruses, particularly in the fight against the “Covid-19” outbreak.

Safa Qaddoumi, the conference’s general supervisor, stated that the event is a proactive measure to foresee worldwide viral developments, saying that it is part of global efforts by academics, professionals, and specialists to prepare for the early introduction of viruses.

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She stated that professionals and specialists from across the world, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, and Bahrain in addition to the United States of America and Germany, would participate in the conference sessions.

Qaddoumi stated that the sessions will address environmental microbes and hospital-acquired infections, how to address infectious diseases in health facilities, how to test the efficacy of disinfectants against viruses, and how to protect medical personnel in hospitals from infections caused by infectious diseases, as well as ways to combat infection and prevent viruses and infection in the food, educational, and tourism industries.

The MicroSave sterilization technology is distinguished by the fact that its components are alcohol- and chemical-free oxidized water, that it has passed the tests of international drug authorities, and that it has demonstrated its ability to completely eliminate microbes and viruses and prevent infection with dangerous diseases in a record time estimated in seconds.

The conference is anticipated to produce recommendations to assist infection control specialists in the Gulf region and Arab countries in implementing the best modern standards in sterilization, particularly in facilities that are a fertile environment for infection with viruses and microorganisms, such as hospitals, thereby limiting infection of patients and medical personnel.

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