Who is Neal Mohan? The brand-new CEO of YouTube is Indian-American

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who is neal mohan the brand new ceo of youtube is indian american

A well-known individual in the tech sector, Neal Mohan served as Chief Product Officer at YouTube until being named CEO on Thursday. Since joining the company, he has played a significant role in determining the platform’s development and success. Prior to that, he held the position of Senior Vice President, Display and Video Advertising at Google, where he made substantial contributions to the creation of DoubleClick and AdSense, two of the business’s most popular products.

As an Arjay Miller Scholar, Mohan graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1996. (top 10 per cent of students in terms of GPA). Later, in 2005, he received an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Management.

In 1996, Mohan started working for Accenture (then known as Andersen Consulting). Later, he joined a fledgling company named NetGravity, which was ultimately purchased by DoubleClick, a provider of online advertising. Google purchased DoubleClick in 2007 for US$3.1 billion.

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At Google, he advanced fast through the ranks. The creation of AdSense, a service that allows website owners to show Google adverts and get money based on clicks or impressions, was significantly aided by Mohan. One of the world’s most popular advertising networks nowadays is AdSense.

Mohan reportedly received a hefty job offer from Twitter in exchange for his product knowledge, but Google countered by giving him a bonus of over $100 million to keep him on staff.

In 2015, Mohan transferred to the YouTube team. At the time, YouTube had to discover strategies to draw more viewers and increase income because it was up against tough competition from other video-sharing companies. Quickly getting to work, Mohan oversaw a number of significant projects that helped YouTube become into the giant it is today.

YouTube has introduced a variety of popular features and products under Mohan’s direction, including YouTube Music, YouTube TV, YouTube Premium, and YouTube Shorts. Also, he assisted YouTube in enhancing its recommendation algorithms, which are now largely in charge of determining how much time is spent watching on the site.

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