Why does China leave the future of the nation to its youth?

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 ASEAN ASEAN – What can we actually expect from the Chinese youth of today? The conclusion reached in the country’s first white paper on the subject, titled “Youth of China in the New Era,” which was published a month ago, is that young people in China are self-assured, optimistic, and responsible.

Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a call to action to the country’s youth, emphasizing that the hope of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the country itself rests on the youth of the country. He urged the young people to take on the responsibility of building a modern socialist country and realizing the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

These statements were delivered by him on Tuesday during a ceremony that was held to celebrate the centennial of the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC), which is a large-scale youth organization that is led by the CPC.

The May Fourth Movement, which began in 1919, was a significant factor in accelerating the development of Marxism across China. After another year had passed, the CPC was established. The Communist Youth Liberation Committee was established the following year, with the Party acting as its primary leader and promoter.

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It is a mass organization for promoting young people under the direction of the CPC, as stated in the league’s constitution, which may be seen here. In addition to this, it functions as a school where young people may learn about communism and socialism with Chinese features via hands-on experience. In addition to this, the League provides assistance to the Party and operates as a reserve force.

According to Xi, who is also the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the founding mission of the CYLC is to unwaveringly follow the CPC and work for the Party and the people.

Noting the accomplishments that Chinese youth have made over the course of the past century, Xi stated that the leadership of the Party, steadfast beliefs and convictions, devotion to national rejuvenation, and deep roots in the young people of the country are essential to the success of the CYLC in the past and in the future.

On May 10, 2022, in Beijing, a ceremony was conducted to honor the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC).

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