Government, to continue empowering the next generation

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Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that the PN government will remain in their efforts to empower the youths of the nation into becoming highly innovative individuals in order to have sustainable human capital.

Towards the end of his address, the Prime minister has mentioned that several initiatives have already been implemented designed especially for the youth community through the Program Strategik Memperkasa Rakyat dan Ekonomi (Pemerkasa).

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In his address during the National Youth Day 2021, the Prime minister said that these initiatives have been introduced under the Initiative 19: Prihatin Belia and that all of the government’s efforts are meant to consider the aspirations as well as the current needs of the youth community. He added that the government will continue in its efforts to ensure that the policies and initiatives will remain relevant for the youth.

He also mentioned that the government is working with the Youth and Sports Ministry as well as the Malaysian Youth Council to come up with the New Youth Development Model.

This model is meant to complement and further improve the existing Malaysian Youth Policy 2015-2035 and to make sure that it will remain relevant and in conformity with the latest policies like the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.

On top of that, the government will also be focusing into addressing the obstacles the youth are facing in the in the current Covid-19 situation and on how to equip them into handling the changing digital landscape that involves skilled work.

Equipping the youths in the area of analytical and innovative thinking is also part of that as well as teaching them efficient management of new technologies especially that which put emphasis on innovation and creativity.

He also added that the Youth and Sports Ministry’s efforts of aiding the youth through recognition of the profession of youth workers are also one of the long-term initiatives that they have come up with in order to provide them with a conducive environment that aims to strengthen the youth development ecosystem which will be done through upskill where the current skills of the youth workers will be developed and enhanced such that it can reach the professional level.

The Prime minister has recognized the youths who have brought honor to the nation such as Muhammad Hamdi Ahmad Hakimi and Jarell Cheong Tze Wen who have been selected to be one of the students of Harvard College in the United States.

He also noted the badminton ace Lee Zii Jia and took pride in his victory in the 2021 All England men’s singles title in March as well as women’s diver Pandelela Rinong for winning a gold medal at the 2021 Fina World Cup.

He also recognized Mohd Azizulhasni Awang and Muhammad Shah Firdaus Sharom for excelling at the national track cycling championship in Australia.

May 15 marks the National Youth Day which is being celebrated every year. The current year’s celebration that is being held on a moderate scale has retained the theme from last year which is “This Decade, Your Decade”.

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