Joe Biden’s statement as UAE terrorist attack completes a year

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joe bidens statement as uae terrorist attack completes a year

Two ballistic missiles and a number of drones were used in a terrorist strike that was launched from Yemen one year ago to target civilian targets in the United Arab Emirates. Three innocent civilians perished in this barbaric attack while the UAE’s air defence systems, a pillar of our decades-long security alliance, blasted the missiles out of the sky.

Today, we honour the terribly lost lives and reaffirm America’s dedication to the safety and security of the Emirati people. The UAE’s defence against threats, whether they come from Yemen or elsewhere, will continue to be supported by the United States in close coordination with my friend President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

The United States will continue to defend the security of the United Arab Emirates and our other Middle Eastern allies, including by providing essential military support, and we remain resolute in our pursuit of diplomacy to bring a peaceful end to the war in Yemen. In order to ensure that it won’t happen again, we stand resolute as we remember the awful events of a year ago.

The United States and the UAE will continue to work to advance important new initiatives, like the Partnership for Accelerating Clean Energy (PACE) and the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment, as the UAE gets ready to host the world to address the climate challenge during COP-28 this fall (PGII). Building a shared future of greater peace, stability, and integration throughout the region depends on our strong relationship.

According to the UAE Defense Ministry, a ballistic missile fired from Yemen by the Ansar Allah (Houthi) organisation was intercepted a year ago by air defence systems in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Early on Monday morning, the ministry tweeted that the “air defence had intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile launched at the country by the Houthi terrorist group.”

There were none, according to the UAE defence ministry.

After the attack, which coincided with Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s maiden visit to the UAE, the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) stated that all UAE airports were operating as usual.

Since the beginning of January, the UAE has been the target of three Houthi attacks. Two ballistic missiles fired by the Houthis were intercepted and destroyed by the UAE air defence on Monday, and their remnants fell in the vicinity of Abu Dhabi.

Notably, the US has had an ambassador residing in the UAE since 1974 and is the third nation to formally establish diplomatic ties with the UAE. The two nations have established tight government-to-government connections and amicable relations, including close security coordination.

A significant new clean energy framework was also signed by the United States and the United Arab Emirates. As the United States and the United Arab Emirates announced a strong partnership to ensure a quick and smooth transition toward clean energy and away from unabated fossil fuels, President Biden had shown his deep commitment to ensuring a future powered by clean energy around the world as well as long-term energy security.

To accelerate the energy transition and maximise climate benefits, the US-UAE Partnership for Accelerating Renewable Energy (PACE) aims to instal 100 gigawatts of clean energy globally by 2035. This will require $100 billion in funding, investment, and other support.

Furthermore, citing his involvement in renewable energy initiatives, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry supports the United Arab Emirates’ choice to name the CEO of a state-run oil corporation to preside over the next U.N. climate conference in Dubai.

The former U.S. secretary of state admitted that finding “some balance” will be difficult for the Emirates and other nations that depend on fossil resources to pay their governments in an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday.

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