Leni is Determined To Not Abandon Her Advocacies

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 Philippines Philippines – As her archrival took a wide lead in the fractional, informal count of votes, Vice President Leni Robredo let her allies know that the ‘Kakampink‘ development that was lighted after she shared her bid for the administration shouldn’t end even after surveys close and the counting closes, revitalizing her allies to keep battling even as she recognized that the voice of individuals is getting more clear and more clear.

Past Tuesday 12 PM it was apparent that Robredo was ready to lose the official rush to Marcos, who kept a strong lead in the starter count with more than 28 million votes, while she just had north of 13 million votes.

However, in her message to allies at around 2 a.m. on Tuesday, Robredo refered to reports of “anomalies” that defaced the decisions, which has prompted certain individuals actually holding up in line to give their vote a role as large number of vote-counting machines and some SD cards stall.

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While there are a few votes not counted at this point, while there are inquiries on this political race that should be tended to, it is becoming more clear and more clear what the voice of individuals is. For the sake of the Philippines, which I realize you love, we really want to pay attention to this voice on the grounds that eventually, we simply share one country.

In any case, Robredo promised that she won’t leave her deep rooted backings and engaged her allies to join her in this fight.

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