Muhyiddin: National Recovery Plan’s success needs support of all parties

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Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that the success of the National Recovery Plan (PPN) is dependent on the support of all parties as the Covid-19 crisis needs to be approached as a whole nation rather than as a whole government.

The Prime Minister asked all parties, including the government, the people, non-governmental organizations and other parties to join forces and work together in supporting the PPN, which is a transition strategy to get the country out of the health crisis.

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He said that Malaysia must not fail in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic as the government had just embarked on the PPN, adding that the fulfillment of the PPN will take time and cannot yield results over just a week or a month.

In a special interview with the media, he said that it takes a long painful recovery. However, he has expressed his confidence that the country will be able to survive the test and asked for the people to give the government a chance.

The Prime Minister has announced the PPN on June 15. The plan has four phases that will transition in stages.

It is guided by three main threshold value indicators to move from one phase to the next, which involve the Covid-19 transmission situation in the community based on the number of daily infection cases, the capacity of the public health system based on the rate of bed use in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the level of the population having received two doses of their vaccine shots.

Muhyiddin said that the country is among the first ones to make a submission of a comprehensive recovery plan, in which the government needs to be proactive in providing an orderly framework and policy such that the country will be ensured to be on the right track. The Prime Minister said that Malaysia is now in the face of a crucial situation as the new variants forces the government to deal with it as quickly, systematically and transparently as possible

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