Myanmar activists calling for a new campaign against the junta

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Myanmar activists who are against the military junta are calling for the people to halt payments of their electricity bills and agricultural loans as well as to stop sending their children to schools as an act of revolt towards the pledge of the top general during the regional summit to end the post-coup crisis.

Protests have been scattered in the big cities across Myanmar on a Sunday a day following the Senior General Min Aung Hlaing’s reaching of agreement during the summit of the Association of South-east Asian Nations (ASEAN) which was held in Indonesia.

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The junta chief refused to release the political prisoners arrested in which the the leader of the ousted civilian government, Aung San Suu Kyi was included. The ASEAN accord also fell short in having a timeline in ending the crisis.

An estimate of 750 people’s death caused by the security forces which happened on February 1 coup as the generals used lethal force against the protesters has been reported. The exact number of the death toll was not confirmed as the military junta suppressed the freedom of the media and arrested journalists.

International aid agencies are giving warnings that a civil disobedience campaign of strikes has started to impact the economy in a negative way as well as made rise in the prospect of hunger.

The activists who are pro-democracy are appealing to step up their game and stop paying the electricity bills and agricultural loans as well as keeping the children from coming to school.

“All of us, people in townships, wards and then regions and states must work together to make a successful boycott against the military junta,” said the activist Khant Wai Phyo in a speech during a protest being held in the central town of Monywa on Sunday.

The junta spokesperson keep on refusing to answer calls seeking comment while the activist has been urging the people to stop participating in their systems and to stop cooperating with the junta.

The five-point agreement that was reached during the ASEAN summit where it stated about putting an end to the violence and starting dialogues among all parties, accepting aid as well as appointing a special ASEAN envoy to be allowed to visit the country was heavily criticized by the activists. Despite hearing calls for the political prisoner’s release during the meeting, it was nowhere to be found in the agreement.

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