Nas Daily Breaks Out it’s Silence Over the Apo Whang-od Controversy

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Nas Daily

Interestingly since the issue broke out last week, Nuseir Yassin or all the more famously known as Nas Daily showed up on a video posted on August 9, on his social media page to air his side.

The substance maker/vlogger educated the public that his Nas Academy is as of now on hold while he is working with the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP).

Nas Academy offers courses/masterclasses to be directed by industry specialists or professionals. Among its alleged contributions was a course that included Kalinga tattoo craftsman Apo Whang-od, which started an issue since last week after her grandniece and understudy Grace Palicas took to online media to get down on the Whang-od Academy a “trick.” Palicas’ posts have since been erased.

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From making recordings while in Thailand, he was overwhelmed with solicitations to make recordings of the Philippines. He conceded that he didn’t think about the nation however at that point chose to visit it. There are also clasps and glimmers of photographs of him grinning and being welcomed with warm greeting by a lodge team, a fastfood chain staff and safety officers were shown.

He was glad to the point that he held his initially get together in the country. He additionally began to make more recordings like beautiful locations and accounts of moving individuals. He highlighted that separated from the positives, he additionally did recordings that showed the dreary real factors of living in the country.

These incorporate accounts of oppressed individuals from Tondo and the well known subject of how modest the average cost for basic items and products are in the Philippines.

This is among the reasons that he was refered to for his work on advancing Philippine the travel industry through his well known one-minute recordings. He showed a photograph of him being perceived by the Department of Tourism, driven by Secretary Bernadette Puyat-Romulo. He got the plaque of acknowledgment in 2019 during the Philippine Night, a sideline occasion at the 2019 International Mediterranean Tourism Market held in Israel, his origin.

As per Nas, similar individuals shared that Nas Daily utilized Apo Whang-od. Nas again denied it. Nas Academy had before transferred a video of the Kalinga centenarian tattoo craftsman attaching her thumbprint. His camp said that one of her different nieces, Estella Palangdao, filled in as interpreter and observer to the marking of the agreement.

The NCIP said that it is inspecting the said contract. The NCIP-Cordillera Administrative Region posted on its Facebook page about the 2020 declaration of Kalinga Elders on the utilization of their tattoos. The assertion said that those tattoos are the aggregate property of the Kalinga Indigenous Cultural Communities and, essentially, needs earlier assent from the local area before use or allotment.

However the occasions had spiraled into numerous different issues, he said that nothing changes from their side. Nas Daily will keep on supporting the Philippines, remembering intends to open an office for the country throughout the following two years. He likewise said that he will keep on making moving recordings.

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