Philippines detects new COVID-19 variant “Arcturus”

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philippines detects new covid 19 variant arcturus

The Philippine government has acknowledged the discovery of a novel COVID-19 strain called Arcturus. According to health experts, the new strain was discovered in two people who had just returned from a trip overseas.

The two people came in the Philippines from the United States and Singapore, respectively, according to the Department of Health (DOH). When they arrived, both tested positive with COVID-19 and were promptly isolated.

Following genome sequencing by the Philippine Genome Center (PGC), it was discovered that they were infected with the Arcturus variety, which is thought to have originated in the United States.

Health experts have voiced alarm about the new version, which has been proven to contain numerous mutations on the virus’s spike protein. The spike protein is the component of the virus that permits it to enter and infect human cells.

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While there is no indication that the Arcturus variety is more transmissible or lethal than other variants, researchers caution that it is too soon to make any conclusions. The DOH has recommended the public to stay attentive and to maintain using safety precautions like as masks, social separation, and hand washing on a regular basis.

The discovery of the Arcturus variety coincides with a rise of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, with some hospitals reporting full capacity and a scarcity of medical resources. The government has reacted by enforcing stronger quarantine measures in high-risk locations and hastening vaccination distribution.

To avoid the spread of new variations, health authorities have also asked for enhanced monitoring at the country’s borders. The PGC has started doing genome sequencing on arriving passenger samples in order to discover any novel variations that may be present.

The Philippine administration has encouraged the people to be calm and assured them that the situation is being properly monitored. It has also urged the people to work with health officials and follow safety standards to help prevent the virus from spreading further.

As the globe continues to battle with the COVID-19 epidemic, the appearance of new varieties emphasizes the need of everyone being vigilant and cooperating.

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