1.5 Million Madrasah Students Get Free Access to Education Platform from UAE

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1.5 Million Madrasah Students Get Free Access to Education Platform from UAE

In November 2020, Alef Education and the Ministry of Religion inked an agreement giving up to 500,000 students in seventh grade access to the platform beginning in July 2021.

After hearing how useful the website has been from Indonesian madrasah educators and their students, the curriculum for grades 7-12 will be expanded to include Arabic classes. 1.5 million students will have free access until the Alef platform is ready. a school specializing in Arabic and Islamic mathematics.

Alef Education

The GASING approach (Gampang, Asyik, and Menyenangkan) has been applied to Digital Alef in order to support the performance of madrasah students in particular. This was done in order to match Digital Alef with the standard curriculum in Indonesia. Lessons in Arabic, on the other hand, are designed to be engaging and interesting so that students can develop their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Alef Education’s memperpanjang percontohan free program extends the reach of a digital learning platform that employs AI and learning technologies to 1.5 million students in Madrasas.

In a statement that was made public on Tuesday, August 9, 2022, Alef Education CEO Geoffrey Alphonso said, “At Alef Education, we are devoted to revolutionizing the worldwide education business, and our relationship with Indonesia is proving to be very fruitful.”

He shared his excitement about the prospect of growing services in Indonesia through a long-term cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs, as well as the idea that millions of Madrasah students in Indonesia may use the Alef platform to learn. Exuberance also for the Alef Award in Indonesia, which is presented to educators and students who use the platform in madrasas.

According to him, the flagship product that Alef Education offers assists educators in the delivery of engaging and interactive information that is adapted to the course material, which in turn helps with the management and evaluation of students. This platform generates real-time data in order to provide students and teachers with meaningful feedback, which contributes to the transformational nature of the process within the education sector.

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The last one is the most crucial one in terms of Platform Alef’s overall performance. The technology makes use of machine learning and large amounts of data to supply the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Rhode Island with data that can be investigated further and intelligent recommendations that are correct in order to improve student performance.

In general, in addition to these three countries, Alef Education is recognized as the most reputable educational service provider in many other nations throughout the world, including Egypt, Lebanon, Canada, and the Netherlands, to name just a few. Alef Platform, Abjadiyat, and Arabits are the names of the three products that are available.

UAE — a leader in eLearning

The Abjadiyat platform is an Arabic language learning resource that features engaging and interactive content for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Arabits is an all-inclusive Arabic language learning system that is assisted by artificial intelligence and designed to assist students of all ages in learning, practicing, and improving their Arabic language skills.

Dia is in agreement that the program will be useful for the teachers and students of the Tanah Air Madrasah. According to him, Platform Alef has demonstrated that it is one of the media that can support madrasahs in Indonesia when they move to modern teaching and learning methods – including online, face-to-face, and hybrid approaches to education.

In the same written description, he remarked, “We hope that Platform Alef would help our goal in boosting the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) score and literacy numerasi untuk siswa madrasah di bawah naungan Kementerian Agama RI.”
It should not come as a surprise that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently amazing at the eLearning venture as a means to swiftly scale its education system. According to an article published by Emirates 24/7, a World Economic Forum survey from 2016 states that the United Arab Emirates now holds the top spot in the Arab area in terms of “the readiness of its telecommunications networks.” The preparedness of an economy to reap the benefits of information and communication technology is an essential component of network readiness.

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