A Call To Examine Proposition to Rebuild AFP with Strengthened Maritime Forces

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Surprisingly, Sen. Risa Hontiveros approached the Department of National Defense to investigate a proposition to build the military’s oceanic powers.

In view of he shared that in the midst of Beijing’s proceeded with attacks in the West Philippine Sea notwithstanding Manila’s various strategic fights and the resumption of respective discussions between the two.

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Refering to Dr. Clarita Carlos, previous National Defense College of the Philippines president, Hontiveros said the Armed Forces of the Philippines is organized to protect a mainland country instead of an archipelagic one.

The representative noted, refering to Carlos, that the AFP is 71% armed force, 18% naval force, with almost half filling in as marines, and 11% Air Force. Carlos proposed adjusting this construction to all the more likely serve the nation’s advantages in the sea space.

Hontiveros additionally hailed that the Philippine Marine Corps gets a pitiful distribution for its hardware. At the point when China is constant in situating its boats, building mobilized islands, and removing our own anglers, we can’t be without a safeguard.

They have recorded strategic fights a few times however we have not been paid attention to. A more grounded oceanic guard power sends China a reasonable message: we won’t withdraw. The pressures over the West Philippine Sea, the piece of the South China Sea inside the Philippines’ elite financial zone, erupted again recently when exactly 220 Chinese boats were spotted amassing Julian Felipe Reef.

The Chinese vessels have scattered from the reef yet are still inside the Philippine EEZ, as per a report from Simularity which is a US-based geospatial symbolism and information investigation organization. China is a colossal danger to our country. We should not deny it,” Hontiveros said in Filipino. Our public safety, public interest, and public respect are all in question.

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