Maxene Magalona announces breakup with Rob Mananquil

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Maxene Magalona announces breakup with Rob Mananquil

Several months have passed since reports of Maxene Magalona’s separation from Rob Mananquil began to spread. On the evening of October 17, the actress revealed formally that she and her former spouse had separated.

In an Instagram photo titled “7 strategies to get over a breakup,” Maxene is pictured wearing the Vera Wang wedding gown she wore when she married Rob.

Maxene first posed in the garment in January 2018, when she was undergoing a fitting. With its classic off-shoulder, columnar design, the white dress exemplified elegance. Four years later, it reappears on her Instagram profile, sans veil and bouquet, as she reaffirms her single status.

In the piece, Maxene describes her next steps now that this era of her life has concluded. She explains, “Grieving is a vital component of the healing process; you cannot move on without appropriately grieving a loss.” Recently, the 35-year-old has been on a quest of “self-enlightenment,” attending yoga courses and enjoying time away from the city.

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Maxene assures herself and her followers that she will now prioritize herself and the things that are important to her. “Let go and let God,” she concludes, “and move on with grace and lightness in your heart.”

In a recent video that Maxene filmed with Preview, the actress explains that she views well-being “holistically from the physical body to the soul,” and that this is where her “glow” comes from, as she is physically, cognitively, and emotionally at ease.

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