The WPS Security is Constantly Facing Challenging Issues

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The nation didn’t see it coming as a coast watch vessel tested a Chinesenaval force warship” at Marie Louise Bank in the West Philippine Sea last week and followed it until it left Philippine waters, the Philippine Coast Guard shared.

In a delivery, the coast monitor said BRP Cabra (MRRV-4409) announced locating a boat flying the banner of the People’s Republic of China and with Chinese markings at the bank, which is 147 nautical miles from El Nido, Palawan, on July 13.

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The PCG shared that BRP Cabra gave a radio test to the Chinese boat while observing it on radar. It then, at that point drew nearer to the boat to improve perspective on what the Chinese boat was doing in Philippine waters.

The Chinese boat didn’t react, inciting BRP Cabra, to utilize its Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) to rehash the test. It was then that the Chinese boat began moving out of Maria Louise Bank, with BRP Capra following it to ensure it left the Philippines’ Exclusive Economic Zone.

The coast monitor said that the Chinese boat possibly sent a radio message when BRP Cabra was around 500-600 yards, or 0.25-0.30 nautical miles away. The Philippine Coast Guard 4409, this is Chinese Navy Warship 189. If it’s not too much trouble, stay away from them and this is what the coast watch cites the Chinese maritime vessel as saying.

On June 30, BRP Cabra additionally tested and drove away five “Chinese boats” and two “Vietnamese vessels” they checked in Marie Louise Bank.

The PCG said its watch vessel additionally kept an eye on Filipino fishers on a boat from Occidental Mindoro who were fishing in the bank at that point. “They said their fishing has been quiet and plentiful and they have not been manhandled or pestered by different vessels.

The PCG said BRP Cabra’s watch in the Marie Louise Bank and Kalayaan Island Group was essential for a mission under Task Force Pagsasanay. The team was shaped in April to guarantee the wellbeing and security of Filipino fishers in Philippine waters. Additionally, Malacañang, in the mean time, commended the coast monitor for testing the Chinese boats in the West Philippine Sea.

Morever, Congrats to our bave PCG (Philippine Coast Guard). I’m certain at the appropriate time, you will be given the legitimate acknowledgment that you merit. They even salute you official representative Harry Roque said at a press preparation.

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