Abortion verdict by US Supreme Court is “a sad day for court and country,” says Biden

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Abortion verdict by US Supreme Court is "a sad day for court and country," says Biden

 BeijingUS: Despite the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse the landmark Roe v Wade rule on abortion, US President Joe Biden said that the health and lives of American women are now at stake.

On this “disturbing” day, Biden said in a White House address, “the court and the country are in mourning.” He said that the decision “takes us back 150 years.”

The United States is an outlier in the developed world when it comes to preserving reproductive rights, President Biden said.

When Biden called on Congress to enact an anti-abortion bill, it seemed an implausible notion because of its ideological divides.

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When asked about efforts to restrict women’s travel to other states for abortions, Biden said his administration would maintain their access to FDA-approved drugs such as contraceptive pills and medication abortions.

A woman’s freedom to choose her own reproductive health care provider cannot be guaranteed by an executive order, Biden argued.

He urged the public to elect legislators who would seek to make abortion legal in the United States.

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