India bridge collapse, kills 30 people

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India bridge collapse, kills 30 people

At least 30 people were murdered and many were gravely injured when a suspension bridge in the western Indian state of Gujarat fell on Sunday, October 30.

“We can affirm that 30 people have perished, many have been rescued from the river, and some are still missing,” said Amit Jhala, a senior administrator at the government-run hospital where casualties had been transported.

According to Zee News, more than 400 people were on the bridge in the town of Morbi when it collapsed into the Machchu River.

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The television station flashed footage of dozens of people clinging to the wires of the collapsed bridge as rescue workers attempted to save them.

The 230-meter-long ancient bridge was constructed in the nineteenth century under British administration. It was shuttered for six months for renovations and reopened to the public last week.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a three-day visit to his home state Gujarat, has instructed the state’s chief minister to organize rescue teams immediately.

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