MACC will continue to make high-profile arrests

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MalaysiaMalaysia – The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will carry on conducting operations, arresting suspects, and prosecuting high-profile and public interest cases despite the imposition of mobility restrictions owing to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Datuk Seri Azam Baki, MACC’s chief commissioner, said the agency started 687 probing documents between January and August this year, including 149 in the “high-profile, public interest, and sensitive” category and 538 in the regular category.

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According to him, the period saw 660 arrests and 347 charges against people from a variety of backgrounds, including top government officials and businesses.

He also added that in his opinion, by persistent, methodical, and high-impact operational action, they may create a ‘deterrent’ environment in which the corrupt will be more hesitant to participate in corruption and power abuse.

During the MACC’s 54th Anniversary Celebration 2021, he stated that it is critical that a strong and clear message be sent to the corrupt that they will never compromise and will never accept atrocious actions that threaten the country’s prosperity.

Azam said that the MACC will always defend the nation against corruption and abuse of power, which not only harmed economic growth and undermined political stability, but also created social disturbance by eroding people’s morals and integrity at different levels.

He added that for the MACC to realize its goal of becoming a world-class anti-corruption organization, the government and all Malaysians must fully support efforts to strengthen the MACC’s capabilities.

He also expressed his desire for MACC officers be equipped with advanced abilities, a higher level of education, and more knowledge, particularly when confronted with new and more difficult problems as a result of shifting “trends,” technical advancements, and the passage of time.

“All levels of society are also required to work together to combat corruption and protect the country’s sovereignty. We cannot afford to eliminate corruption in this nation if we operate in isolation without the community’s support,” he said. MACC’s 54th Anniversary Celebration, themed “Semarakkan Integriti, Rasuah Diperangi,” was held simply this time to adhere to health and safety standard operating standards as well as National Security Council regulations (MKN).

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