Malaysian iPhone 13 Series price drops

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Malaysian iPhone 13 Series price drops

It won’t be long before Apple’s freshly introduced and much awaited iPhone 14 series arrives in Malaysia. As a result of this, it is only natural for local resellers to lower the prices of previous models in order to make room for the batch of next generation devices. This is great news for customers who do not mind purchasing the brand’s flagships from the previous year at a reduced price, as it will save them money.

Both Machines and Switch, which are both authorized Apple resellers in Malaysia, have already changed the product listings for the iPhone 13 series on their respective websites to reflect the new prices. To this point, the prices that are being offered by these two retailers are the most competitive. Other retailers, including Harvey Norman Malaysia, Mac City, and even Apple’s own regional online store, are still advertising the devices from the prior generation at slightly higher costs.

Also, as a heads up before we continue, bear in mind that there is a good probability that some models and combinations will already be sold out by the time this article goes live. This is just a heads up before we move forward with the discussion.

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The iPhone 13 small is priced at RM 2,939 for the 128 GB version, RM 3,449 for the 256 GB, and RM 4,349 for the 512 GB, according to the product descriptions that can be seen on the online stores that are operated by Machines and Switch. Prices for the regular model are currently RM 3,449, RM 3,949, and RM 4,849 correspondingly. These prices correspond to the same settings as before.

Next, the 128 GB version of the iPhone 13 Pro is now listed in the stores for RM 4,449, the 256 GB version is listed at RM 4,949, the 512 GB version is listed at RM 5,849, and the 1 terabyte version is listed at RM 6,749. The top-of-the-line Pro Max model is now available for purchase, and its prices are as follows: RM 4,849, RM 5,349, RM 6,249, and RM 7,149 accordingly. The configurations of this model are the same as those of its younger sibling.

If you happen to find that the costs that have been knocked down for the iPhone 13 series are still too high for your liking, then you will be pleased to learn that the prices of the iPhone 12, which is two generations older than the iPhone 13, have also been dropped even further. Take into consideration, though, that the majority of outlets in Malaysia only have the basic version of that particular series at the moment. In light of this, the starting price for the 64 GB model of the iPhone 12 at Machines and Switch is RM 3,049, while the starting price for the 128 GB model is RM 3,249, and the starting price for the 256 GB model is RM 3,749.

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