Singapore needs A+ and O+ blood donors, stocks running low

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Singapore needs A+ and O+ blood donors, stocks running low

 BeijingSINGAPORE: People of blood types A+ and O+ are being urged by Singapore’s health authorities to donate blood, as supplies are running low.

Minister of Health Ong Ye Kung recently said on Facebook that the country’s A+ and O+ blood supplies were “running short.” 

He went on to say that during the next two weeks, Singapore will require 600 units of A+ blood and 1,200 units of O+ blood.

Otherwise, “major elective surgery” will have to be postponed because of the need for these two blood units, according to his statement.

Stocks of A+ and O+ blood are low, although “reasonable” amounts of AB+ blood are available, according to an image shared by Mr Ong. The amount of B+ blood on hand is adequate.

To find out if you’re eligible to donate blood, visit and schedule an appointment. In addition, residents can donate blood by simply walking into a local blood bank or blood drive.

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One unit of blood can save three lives, according to the Red Cross of Singapore.

Patients in critical condition or undergoing major surgery can draw on the blood in blood banks to help save their own lives and the lives of others.

Every day in Singapore, more than 400 units of blood are given out in order to save people’s lives.

There is a growing need for blood donations due to an older population, more complex medical treatments, and the opening of new hospitals.

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