Federal Hill landslide: Residents were urged to evacuate due to danger

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MalaysiaMalaysia – Residents living near the landslide on Lingkungan Negeri Sembilan in Federal Hills here have been forced to vacate since the location is considered dangerous, as described by one of them.

According to Thomas Yap, Fire Department authorities advised him that he should evacuate for the time being since the area was unsafe to live in.

He said that the location is too dangerous at the moment and that Bomba advised them to evacuate.

Yap’s backyard was wrecked when landslide debris such as sand, concrete, and asphalt washed into his complex, killing all of his pet fish and inflicting damage to the walls of his link-house.

He also mentioned that the wall where the landslide happened is exposed, and in addition to the tons of mud that has already leaked into the backyard, more will pour if it rains, and it may ultimately drift into the house.

“I hope the government can repair this soon since it’s not only damaging people’s livelihoods, but it’s also a distraction for the youngsters, especially those preparing for crucial exams,” he said.

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Thomas stated that he had temporarily relocated to a relative’s home, but officials have not provided him with a timetable for his return home.

After the heavy rain, a landslide struck Lingkungan Negeri Sembilan near Federal Hills, affecting multiple residences.

According to a preliminary assessment from the Fire and Rescue Department, the soil slid down from the shoulder of the major road over a 40-metre section about 7 p.m. of that night.

Fahmi Fadzil, MP for Lembah Pantai, who visited the site, stated that this is a troubling trend because it is the second landslide in as many months.

Datuk M. Ali, chairman of Selamatkan Kuala Lumpur, a coalition of Bangsar resident associations, said the landslide was not unexpected because residents have been raising these incidents with the Kuala Lumpur City Hall so that it can look into developments, preventive measures, and a more holistic enforcement.

Ali stated that he met with DBKL authorities on September 18 to request a suitable water drainage system on Lingkungan Negeri Sembilan, the route where the landslide occurred.

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