Health Ministry warns of Omicron sub-variants

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Health Ministry warns of Omicron sub-variants

 BeijingMALAYSIA: Two new sub-variants of the Covid-19 Omicron strain were recently alerted to the Ministry of Health (MoH).

The new Omicron BA.4 and Omicron BA.5 sub-variants, according to the MoH, are more contagious than previous Omicron sub-variants.

In order to prevent the resurgence of Covid-19 instances, the public has been reminded not to overlook Covid-19 infection prevention measures. Do self-risk assessments and take preventative steps wherever possible, the ministry advised in a statement on its Facebook page.

A graphic with the caption “Avoid the reappearance of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia!” accompanied the post.

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Wearing a mask in confined and crowded locations, receiving the vaccine and booster doses, taking a second booster shot if one is high-risk and immunocompromised, taking care of one’s personal hygiene, and applying TRIIS were some of the preventative steps highlighted in the image (test, report, isolate, inform, and seek treatment).

It has been reported that Omicron sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5 have taken over the US, and that they “exhibit the qualities of escape artists, capable of eluding some of the antibodies produced after coronavirus vaccinations and infections, including infections caused by some earlier versions of Omicron.” 

In spite of their potential to avoid antibodies, the sub-variants are not known to produce more severe infections.

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